To win at Morpyam®... Equip the dice
with your good humor and your tactics!

LINE UP 5 chips to win by KO



Attack, defense, patience, anticipation.....
At Morpyam®, everyone plays their luck until the end!

Morpyam® relaxathusiasm
in 4 steps!

1 - Roll the dice
Make a figure, a combination

  • Le Morpyam® or Morpyam® Flash is played with 5 dice. At each game turn, the player has a maximum of 3 throws. Then, he hands over to the next player.
  • The objective of the dice rolls is to succeed in a figure (three of a kind, small straight, sec, call, full house, straight, square, mini, maxi or morpyam).
  • The first roll is done with the 5 dice. For the second and third rolls, the player chooses from one to five dice to reroll.
  • The player can stop rolling the dice when he has reached the target figure.

Prepare to play

with 2 players
-> 17 tokens per player

3 player
-> 11 tokens per player

4 player
-> 8 tokens per player

2 - Succeed in a combination
Place a token

  • To place a token on a square of the game grid, the player must pass the figure indicated on this square. See figure with 5 dice.
  • Each square in the Morpyam game grid can only be covered by one token.
  • If no figure is successful after the 3 rolls of the dice, the player passes the hand without placing a token.< /span>
Strategy! all his tokens to benefit from the bonus of 1 point at the end of the game (in the event of a victory on points).

3 - Line up chips
Build the KO
Score points

  • Every time a player lines up 3 tokens on the Morpyam® grid, they score 1 point.
  • Tokens of the same color can be aligned in a row, column or diagonal.
  • The game ends when one of the players has laid down all their chips or lines up 5 chips (victory by KO).

5 tokens lined up is victory by KO.
The game is over!

2 player game

3 tokens lined up = 1 point
4 tokens lined up = 2 points

Game with 3 or 4 players

3 tokens lined up = 1 point
4 tokens lined up = 3 points

Victory by KO

5 tokens lined up is victory by KO.
The game is over!

Shall we play again?

Victory by points

No player has managed to line up 5 tokens...
The game ends when a player has placed his last token.
The points are then counted.

4 - Win the game

The game ends either after a knockout or when one of the players places their last token .
  1. Victory by KO: The game stops when one of the players manages to line up 5 tokens (in a row, in a column or diagonally). The victory is won by  and KO!
  2. Case of a win on points: If no KO has occurred, the game ends when a players has put down all their chips. The points are then counted and cthe player receives the end-of-game bonus = +1 point . The player with the most points wins the game. In the event of a tie on points, the victory is awarded to the player who placed all his tokens.

Fair-Play Morpyam®

> To determine who starts the game, each of the players rolls a die, the player with the highest draw starts.

> The player restarts his last roll if one or more dice go off the track or are said to be broken.

> If during a throw, a collision modifies the value of one or more dice, the player loses his turn and does not place any tokens.

> A chip is definitely played on the grid as soon as the contact between the player's finger and his chip has been broken.

> The player has the option of declaring himself forfeited and leaving the game, if he agrees that he will no longer be able to win the game.

> At the end of one or more games of Morpyam®... Suggestion by Yasmine L. (6 years old!): The player or players who have lost must, preferably with a smile, put away all the elements of the Morpyam® game!

FIGURES, COMBINATIONS to succeed with 5 dice
to cover one of the 36 squares of the grid with a token


the 20 squares around the grid.

2 Little Straight boxes and 18 Three of a kind boxes (3 Three of a kind boxes of 1; 3 three of a kind of 2; …; …; 3 three of a kind of 6)

three of a kind

3 identical dice among 5 dice

THREE OF A KIND cannot be a CALL

A THREE OF A KIND rolled on the first roll is not a ALL IN ONE


4 dice in sequence among 5 dice

The LITTLE STRAIGHT cannot be subject to ‘a CALL

One LITTLE SUITE obtained on first roll is not a ALL IN ONE


the 16 central squares of the grid.


5 consecutive dice 

The STRAIGHT may be a< b>CALL

One STRAIGHT obtained on first roll allows ALL IN ONE

Straight composed with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

FULL Coul2

Full of 3 by 5


One Three of a kind + one Pair

FULL may be a CALL

A FULL obtained on the first roll allows the ALL IN ONE


4 identical dice among 5 dice

SQUARE can be a CALL

A SQUARE obtained on the first throw allows the ALL IN ONE

Square of 2

MINI Coul2

1 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 1 = 7
7 ≤ 8


Sum of dice must be less than or equal to 8

The MINI may be a CALL

A MINI obtained on the first throw allows the ALL IN ONE


Sum of dice must be greater than or equal to 27

The MAXI may be a CALL

A MAXI obtained on the first throw allows the ALL IN ONE

MAXI Coul2

6 + 6 + 5 + 6 + 5 = 28
28 ≥ 27




5 identical dice

Player places pawn and PLAY AGAIN!


MORPYAM is the most difficult 5-dice combination to get!

The player places a token on a free MORPYAM space and the player completes a new game turn.


NB: if the 2 MORPYAM spaces are occupied, the player places his token on one of the other figures obtained through the MORPYAM.

The MORPYAM may be a CALL

A MORPYAM obtained on the first throw allows the ALL IN ONE


When on the 1st roll of 5 dice, and only on the 1st throw, one of the following 6 FIGURES comes out:


Getting a ALL IN ONE does not cover the CALL


A THREE OF A KIND or a SMALL STRAIGHT obtained on the 1st throw of the 5 dice does not allow cover the ALL IN ONE box.


Note: For the given example, the player can also choose to cover one of the SQUARE or THREE OF A KIND  of 5 remained free.

Sec Coul2 centre

Example here, a SQUARE of 5 obtained on the 1st roll allows you to place a token on the ALL IN ONE box

Example 1
(valid before the 1st, 2nd or 3rd throw) :
The player says in a loud and clear tone :

Example 2
(only valid before the 1st throw…):
The player declaims loud and clear:


Before rolling the dice, the player declaims loudly and clear, the FIGURE he hopes to see come out.

This is a CALL.

Before rolling dice, the player can CALL one of the FIGURES among :



Special case CALL of ALL  IN ONE : The ALL IN ONE box  can only be called before the first throw.


Note: The BTHREE OF A KIND  or the SMALL STRAIGHTcannot be a CALL.


If the FIGURE called is successful, the player is required cover the APPEL box.

If his CALL is not successful, he can keep calling before the next roll.


ATTENTION! If his CALL is not successful on the third and last throw, he loses the benefit of any FIGURE previous.

And yes! We can’t have it both ways!





36 removable compartments

Rules of the Morpyam® Flash game

> It is because "the little ones" were intrigued by so many happy noises emitted by "the older ones" around the game of Morpyam® that the game of Morpyam Flash was born.
The little ones wanted to play, they wanted to take part in these atmospheres of relaxation, they wanted to roll the dice!

> All the principles and the rules of the Morpyam Flash game are the same as for the Morpyam® game.

>The Morpyam® Flash grid is a simplified version of the Morpyam® grid.

> The figures to be obtained are very easily identifiable by children who cannot yet count or for whom it would be difficult to explain in detail the subtleties of a CALL or an ALL IN ONE.

> The games of Morpyam® Flash are very fast since the combinations to be made are very affordable. And today, this game is for everyone. To the little ones, but not only!

So? No time for a game of Morpyam®?

Play Morpyam® Flash!

Rules of the game of Morpyam® +

> All the squares of the game grid are removable! Decide your game grid yourself! Choose the location of the 36 boxes!

> To form a grid, each player randomly draws an identical number of squares (2 players 18 squares each, 3 players 12 squares each, 4 players 9 squares each).

> The player who obtains with the help of a single dice the greatest throw places the first on the grid, all the squares he has drawn where he wishes. The other players proceed in the same way.

> All the principles and rules of the Morpyam® + game are the same as for the Morpyam® game.

Point counting

> Since no one won by KO by lining up 5 chips, each player's points must be counted to determine the winner.

> To easily count the points without forgetting any, it is easy to proceed with 4 scans:

- a vertical scan
- a horizontal swipe
- a sweep along a first diagonal
- a sweep along the second diagonal

Game with 2, 3, or 4 players:

3 aligned chips always score 1 point

2 player game:

4 aligned tokens score 2 points

3 or 4 player game:

4 tokens lined up for 3 points (bonus!)

> Don't forget the bonus bonus point for the player who ends the game by placing his last token...

> In case of equality of points, it is the player who got rid of all his tokens who wins the game!