Playing Morpyam® ..... is

Scream in spite or Roar with pleasure?

... No player admits defeat

and everyone defends their luck to the end !

The Morpyam® board game is ...

An attractive game

Atmosphere for the board game Morpyam: 5 squares to conquer, 5 dice… Throws !

Will the dice make you scream with annoyance or roar with pleasure ?

An easy game

Tactics and strategies for the board game Morpyam: Attack, defense, anticipation, each player will easily find hislineups to victory !

A quick game

We play and replay the board game Morpyam: A game of Morpyam is a moment of pleasure, which can be very brief… Especially in the event of a Knockout !

Relaxathusiasm Morpyam®.....

By combining chance and strategy, each part of Morpyam® offers its share of twists !

No player ever admits defeat !

Game after game of this board game, Adults and Children alike enjoy themselves and the confrontations in duels, with 3 or 4 players, call for revenge and more !

Relaxation, enthusiasm… After only a few games, you quickly reach the relaxation and enthusiasm Morpyam® !

Get started !

Tame chance and enjoy moments of relaxation with your entourage and Morpyam®, Morpyam® Flash or Morpyam® +

Players talk about the Morpyam® board game.....

"Exciting and spellbinding addictive game. Best game I've seen in a while"
"Thank you for this terribly addictive, hairy, hilarious, exciting, hilarious game, I love it!"
"The wedding of the crab and the yam? Yes, but not only..."
Sandra D.
"Great game"
Tom D.
"Excellent game combining strategy, chance, patience and above all conviviality, ..."
Nabil G.

Morpyam® is committed to sustainable development

Our beautiful planet is suffering and each of us has our share of the hummingbird…

For the manufacture of its board games Morpyam has set itself the following objectives: Zero plastic, Optimization of materials and energy, …

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Board game....
Abuse of Morpyam® games is recommended !

Morpyam®..... in brief

  • Morpyam® is a much less serious game of Chess !
  • Morpyam® is the guarantee of fierce duels or wild games with 3 or 4 players !
  • Morpyam® is a game where each player will not give up until the end.
  • Morpyam® is a board game lined with 36 squares where anything can happen
  • Morpyam® is a game where strategies and chances compete.
  • Morpyam®, it’s the appointment atmosphere. Dice games atmosphere!
  • in Morpyam®, each player attacks, defends, waits, or anticipates…
  • in Morpyam®, each player has 3 throws to conquer a square.
  • in Morpyam®, the player covers a space by succeeding in the figure indicated on it.
  • in Morpyam®, a player achieves Victory by KO by lining up 5 tokens!
  • in Morpyam®, the player can also get Victory on points !
  • in Morpyam®, 3 tokens aligned is 1 point.
  • in Morpyam®, 4 aligned tokens equals 2 points (2-player game).
  • in Morpyam®, 4 aligned tokens equals 3 points (3 player game).
  • in Morpyam®, 1 bonus point for the player who puts down all their tokens first !

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